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Pro-Dive Inc. Provides the Equipment,
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Commercial Underwater Projects!


The business of underwater construction, repair, inspection and salvage can be dangerous, and requires special skills, certifications and equipment. To successfully and safely execute a diving operation, one brings more than a mask and air source to the job!

At Pro-Dive, Inc., all of our divers are commercially trained. We follow the guidelines of the Association of Diving Contractors International, A.B.S., U.S.C.G., AWWA and U.S.C.O.E., providing appropriately trained and certified divers, welders, inspectors, surveyors, or HazMat trained individuals to your job!

Pro-Dive has 38 years of commercial diving experience and is fully insured, providing the proper equipment and personnel to handle your underwater project! Our rates are very competitive in the commercial diving industry. Based on your job requirements, we can work on an hourly, daily, or contractual rate. Governmental agencies and private sector contractors of all sizes across the nation give testimony to the dependability, efficiency, and ingenuity of Pro-Dive's dive teams!


Pro-Dive, Inc. is The Reliable, Professional
Commercial Diving Expert!
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